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Central Bank Approval – Debt Management Services

The Central Bank of Ireland has recently introduced new legislation to ensure that all firms providing debt management services to individuals are regulated. Each applicant firm are required to meet very stringent criteria layed down by the Central Bank in order to be formally approved.

We are delighted to announce that Opes Wealth Trust is one of a limited number of firms who have been successful in securing Central Bank approval for such services. Under the new guidelines outlined by the Central Bank only firms that are fully authorised under the new legislation can provide fee based advice relating to debt issues.

Opes Wealth Trust has been providing these services successfully on an ongoing basis to many of our clients over the last number of years. These services vary and include securing reduced monthly repayments, interest only terms, moratoriums, split mortgages, interest rate reductions, term extensions and other negotiations on our client’s behalf. This area continues to evolve as banks strive to come to terms with this problematic area of their business.

If you or anyone you know needs advice in this complex area Opes Wealth Trust are delighted to assist in any way we can.