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Non Executive Directorship

As part of the Opes Wealth Trust Corporate Advisory Services we provide a Non Executive Director service. Non Executive Directors are not involved in the day-to-day running of businesses but monitors executive activity and contributes to the development of corporate strategy. Non Executive Directors are the custodians of the governance process within the organisation.

Non-executive directors typically focus on macro areas of the business such as:

  • Strategy: Non Executive Directors should constructively challenge and contribute to the development of business strategy.
  • Performance: Non Executive Directors should scrutinise the performance of the management team in meeting agreed goals and objectives.
  • Risk: Non Executive Directors should satisfy themselves that financial information is accurate and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.
  • People: Non Executive Directors, as part of an executive team, can be responsible for determining appropriate levels of remuneration of executive directors and have a key input in appointing and, where necessary, removing senior management. They may also play a major role in succession planning for the business.