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Investment Strategy

At Opes Wealth Trust we recognise that each client’s situation is different and therefore a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not appropriate. However, the assessment criteria we use when working with clients to develop an appropriate investment strategy is consistent.

When working with clients our goal is to develop an investment strategy which provides the client with a basis to assess each investment decision in the context of their overall financial objectives and personal risk profile. In doing this the following areas are analysed:


  • Classification of current Investments
  • Analysis of current Investments

General Investment Principles

  • Goal setting and financial objectives at the outset
  • Term of investment
  • Liquidity needs of your portfolio
  • Security of underlying investments
  • Understanding specific risks of the investments
  • Regular review

Risk profiling

  • Stated attitude to risk
  • Actual attitude to risk

Type of Return


  • Income Versus Capital or both


Future Funding requirements

  • Capital or Income

Tax Implications with regard to

  • Injection of cash/capital
  • Generating cash/ (capital or income) during the investment term
  • Exiting/Liquidating the investment