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Retirement Planning

In order to maintain a sufficient or desired income and quality of life in retirement, the advice relating to the decisions of how, when and why an individual invests in a retirement plan is essential. We in Opes Wealth Trust have significant experience and expertise in the area of retirement planning. Getting the right advice when it comes to retirement planning can have a significant effect on achieving your financial ambitions.

Why invest in a retirement fund?

There are many benefits to investing in a pension fund, the main ones are:

  • To provide for a future lifestyle. The current state pension is less than €12,000 per annum which is likely to be significantly less than your lifestyle requirements later in life.
  • Tax relief is available on contributions to a pension fund within Revenue approved limits.
  • Tax-free investment growth exists within the fund until retirement.
  • A tax-free lump is available at retirement.
  • In many cases the investor has significant flexibility with regard to the type of investments in which the pension fund can invest.

There are three main stages that need consideration in the retirement planning process and these are areas we specialise in:

  1. Before retirement – what is the most appropriate and efficient retirement vehicle for you to invest in now?
  2. At retirement – what are your options and what is right for you and your family?
  3. Post-retirement – how best can you invest your assets to meet your income and growth needs?

Types of retirement structures

There are a number of different retirement structures available to individuals. The type of structure that is both available and appropriate for you depend on a number of factors such as:

  • Occupation type
  • Age
  • Term to retirement
  • Income level
  • Contribution levels
  • Level of existing retirement benefits
  • Desire for investment flexibility
  • Pension charges applicable
  • Risk profile
  • Personal and commercial circumstances

Opes Wealth Trust provides comprehensive retirement planning, taking all these considerations into account, when advising our clients on the type of retirement structures suitable for their specific requirements and circumstances.

Below are the various retirement structures (click on any of the structures oulined below for further information) that currently exist in Ireland: