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"As an Irish citizen working and living abroad, with a wife and four children our family faced a series of Irish and International property, pension, tax and banking issues. Opes Wealth Trust carefully guided our family through these complex issues.

Adopting a step by step approach, they developed a clear overall strategy that facilitated effective decision making, optimised our position and brought about a very successful outcome".

Aidan Hall, BSc Surv, Dip Con Econ., Senior Estimator PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

I was referred to Opes Wealth Trust for my first mortgage and they clearly presented me with the various options that were available at the time. All the alternative options on offer were very well laid out and explained in full. Thankfully we made a very good choice as we went with a now elusive tracker which has served us very well to date.

A number of years later when looking to move up the ladder to a larger family home, Opes Wealth Trust were the first and only option and again they succeeded in getting us the best deal within the market at the time.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Opes Wealth Trust to my family and friends who are in need of solid independent financial advice.

Gillian D

I am a Director and owner of a nationwide family wholesale business for over 40 years.

During the past number of years which were challenging for both myself and my business I engaged Opes Wealth Trust to provide me with financial, tax and pension advice as to what were very complex financial issues.

Having taken their advice on board I have now restructured my financial affairs and as a result both myself and my business are in a much stronger financial position going forward into the future.

One of the advantages of dealing with Opes Wealth Trust is that they can deal with all financial , tax, and financial planning issues collectively.

On a personal level I have not met any advisers like Opes Wealth Trust who have at all times acted with my best interests at heart. I have 100% trust in their dealings with my affairs and I would strongly recommend them to my business friends.

J.L. Company Director

Opes Wealth Trust were recommended to me by my solicitor following my divorce as I required specialist advice in relation to a Pension Adjustment Order and my subsequent remarriage . Opes Wealth Trust helped me clarify and rearrange my pension plans, both public and private, explained the tax implications of it all, and communicated with the various pension companies and my previous employers . I cannot speak highly enough of the work Opes Wealth Trust did for me. I am eternally grateful that we have Opes Wealth Trust as a resource now and in the future. Opes Wealth Trust took away that foggy overwhelmed feeling you get when you look at the paperwork you don’t understand and confidently made sense of it all.

E. Fitzgerald

I heartily recommend Opes Wealth Trust for their very professional and practical approach to what seemed to me to be complex financial problems. After practical analysis, Opes Wealth Trust provided me with a financial plan that outlined various choices that I should make to rectify my financial problems in very clear and understandable language. Today, my financial plan is working very well and is achieving its targets. My future, thanks to Opes Wealth Trust, is now financially secure, and as a result, I have a much happier and stress free life.

E. Murnane

“My wife and I are very appreciative of the analysis of our financial affairs that Opes Wealth Trust has carried out for us. We were both very pleased with the comprehensive report which has clarified many things for us. In particular, we found the Will and estate planning advice, along with the analysis of our retirement planning and protection needs most helpful. Mary and I look forward to working through the recommendations contained in the planning report and the cash flow exercise. Their help with the preparation of a comprehensive Statement of Assets and Liabilities has proved most helpful.

I would also like to thank them for making themselves available at anti-social times to fit in with our diary and we appreciate that while our case was a more time consuming exercise than any of us had anicipated, they stuck to their original fee quotation. I would gladly recommend their services.”

Philip Sherry, co-founder of Sherry Fitzgerald Group

“As a company owner I was concerned about the information overload on the subject of retiring, and the confusing language used in discussions on this very important matter. It was with some relief that I met the guys at Opes Wealth Trust and, following a number of consultations, they drew up a comprehensive Retirement Planning Report for me. I am delighted to say that they made life very easy for me to make some of my most important decisions for retirement and give me peace of mind.”

Louis O'Hanlon, Company Owner and past president of SIMI

“Before I became a client of Opes Wealth Trust my company and I were playing a lot of tax. Opes Wealth Trust has helped me to significantly reduce my tax bill and has also brought a clear structure to my overall financial affairs. They have provided me with a pension structure to extract cash from my company in a very tax efficient way. This has provided me with a lot more control over how and where I invest my pension funds. From my experience, Opes Wealth Trust provides proactive financial planning from which any business owner can benefit.”

Niall O’Reilly, Company Owner.