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Cash Deposit Rate

This facility allows users to see what interest rates are currently available in Ireland for cash deposits and savings plans. Please complete the table below as you wish and click on 'Calculate' to see the results.

Interest rates are expressed as compound annual rate (CAR) in order to make a comparison of different returns for different periods or interest rates. CAR is the equivalent rate per annum and assumes that for periods of longer than one year, the interest is compounded on an annual basis. In simple terms CAR is what the interest rate would be if interest was paid or credited each year.

Deposit Term
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Deposit Amount

NTMA 10yr Natl. Solidarity Bond (tax free)10 Years€5016.00%1.50%06/07/2016
AIB Junior Saver and Student SaverSaver€01.00%1.00%01/12/2021
EBS Children (Savings)Demand€11.00%1.00%24/11/2020
EBS Teen Savings a/cDemand€11.00%1.00%24/11/2020
NTMA 5yr Savings Certificate (tax free)5 Years€505.00%0.98%06/07/2016
UB urfirst Savings (youth savings)Demand€00.95%0.95%11/02/2020
UB urmoney (youth savings)Demand€00.95%0.95%11/02/2020
UB special int. depositDemand€10.85%0.85%11/02/2020
NTMA 3yr Savings Bond (tax free)3 Years€501.00%0.33%06/07/2016
BOI Child Save (regular saving)Saver€10.25%0.25%13/11/2020
UB special int. deposit (balance>15K)Demand€150010.15%0.15%11/02/2020
NTMA Book based Deposit AccDemand€10.15%0.15%06/07/2016
ptsb Fixed Access - 5yr5 Years€100000.51%0.10%10/08/2020
ptsb Interest First (24 Months)2 Years€100000.20%0.10%10/08/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 3yr Fixed3 Years€100000.31%0.10%10/08/2020
UB Loyalty Saver (incl bonus)Demand€20000.10%0.10%11/02/2020
AIB Online Saver - Regular SaverSaver€100.10%0.10%01/12/2021
UB Loyalty Saver (incl bonus)Demand€250000.10%0.10%11/02/2020
KBC Fixed Term - 3yrs3 Years€30000.10%0.10%23/11/2020
KBC Regular Saver (€100 - €1k p/mt)Saver€1000.05%0.05%23/11/2020
ptsb Interest First (12 Months)1 Year€100000.05%0.05%10/08/2020
UB Loyalty Saver (excl bonus)Demand€20000.05%0.05%11/02/2020
UB Loyalty Saver (excl bonus)Demand€250000.05%0.05%11/02/2020
BOI 365 12mt Fixed Term Deposit1 Year€50000.04%0.05%13/11/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 18mt Fixed18 Months€100000.08%0.05%10/08/2020
ptsb Fixed Access - 16mt16 Months€100000.07%0.05%10/08/2020
KBC Fixed Term - 12mt1 Year€30000.05%0.05%23/11/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 1yr Fixed1 Year€100000.05%0.05%10/08/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 6mth Fixed6 Months€100000.05%0.05%10/08/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 9mth Fixed9 Months€100000.05%0.05%10/08/2020
ptsb Interest First (18 Months)18 Months€100000.08%0.05%10/08/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 1yr Fixed (non personal)1 Year€100000.05%0.05%10/08/2020
BOI 365 31-Day Notice acc1 Month€50000.03%0.03%13/11/2020
BOI 31-Day Notice1 Month€50000.03%0.03%13/11/2020
UB Loyalty Saver (excl bonus)Demand€00.01%0.01%11/02/2020
KBC Standard Demand accDemand€00.01%0.01%23/11/2020
KBC Fixed Term - 3yrs3 Years€15000010.01%0.01%23/11/2020
UB Loyalty Saver (incl bonus)Demand€00.01%0.01%11/02/2020
ptsb Signature On Call (non personal)Demand€100000.01%0.01%10/08/2020
UB Easy AccessDemand€00.01%0.01%11/02/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 3mth Fixed (non personal)3 Months€100000.01%0.01%10/08/2020
KBC Fixed Term - 12mt1 Year€15000010.01%0.01%23/11/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 1mth Fixed (non personal)1 Month€100000.01%0.01%10/08/2020
ptsb Signature On CallDemand€100000.01%0.01%10/08/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 6mth Fixed (non personal)6 Months€100000.01%0.01%10/08/2020
KBC Smart Access Demand accDemand€30000.01%0.01%23/11/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 9mth Fixed (non personal)9 Months€100000.01%0.01%10/08/2020
ptsb Fix Term - 3mth Fixed3 Months€100000.01%0.01%10/08/2020
ptsb 30day Notice Variable1 Month€100000.01%0.01%10/08/2020
AIB Online Saver - Standard SaverSaver€10010.00%0.00%01/12/2021
AIB Junior Saver and Student SaverSaver€10010.00%0.00%01/12/2021